Why this blog is called “stand on the shoulders of giants”

“Stand in the shoulders of giants” is a quote from Sir Isaac Newton.

Sir Isaac was an outstanding scientist and mathematician. He literally changed the way we think about the world. He revolutionized our ideas about light. He invented the world’s first reflecting telescope.

He had an amazing insight into gravity as the sticky stuff that holds the universe together.

He invented calculus, making it possible for people to measure curved areas and determine the rate at which things change.

And, by the way, he also served as the Warden and Master of the Royal British Mint.

With his insights world knowledge took a giant step forward. When he was pressed to explain how he could make so many important discoveries and inventions, Isaac revealed how he. In the reply to the question he explained:

“If I have been able to see further than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”

If it was good enough Sir Isaac Newton then it’s good enough for me. This blog is all about finding the right giants. Not to stand on their shoulders in my case because in my present condition that presents a problem. Rather to find giants with the very best ideas in research and those giants that are not held back by problems or difficulties. And, of course, this blog contains a few of my own experiences and reflections since my injury.

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