What happened on Friday, February 15?

What happened on Friday 15th of February?

There was no daily post that Friday. The reason was quite simple.

About 8 AM I had a health scare. Although it was not particularly serious, it could have been a symptom of something more serious going on. Better to go to hospital just to be sure.

I arrived in the Emergency Department a few minutes before 10 AM.

I had a series of tests. Everything indicated that I was in perfect health. By 11:45 AM I was given the all clear to go back to Clarendon Street.

I then waited 8 hours for Patient  Transport to arrive. All in all I was in hospital for 10 hours. That may appear to be a long time but the record time for my wife and myself was 18 hours. On that occasion, I’d been given the all clear about six hours after arrival. We then waited 12 hours for Patient Transport. (Note: I can’t just go in any old transport! Because of my injuries, I require specialised transport. Hence the wait)

I might have been lying on a uncomfortable bed all that time. Spare a thought for my wife who was sitting on a plastic, molded chair for those 18 hours!

Anyway, lying in bed for eight hours on February 15 gave me an opportunity to reflect on my motivational makeover. I was now at the halfway point. Here is what I discovered in those 8 hours.

I am capable of so much more than what I have achieved so far. Einstein is my model. I should be aiming to be just like him.

The world’s greatest achievers were not free of self-doubt. I remember reading about John Lennon, possibly the world’s greatest songwriter of all time. He was racked by low self-confidence, self-doubt. His song “Help” is his anguish cry for someone to actually help him.

Great achievers accept living with doubt . They see it simply as part of the human condition. They have this capability which allows them, despite self-doubt, self-confidence, to throw themselves into their work. I have learnt that work can be a great transformer. Work can transform the most me, mild, timid person into a lion.

A person with a simple plan,  optimism and concentration on positive goal can withstand the most atrocious living conditions.

Instead of struggling at a conscious level to achieve my goals, I should talk firmly to my subconscious about what I want to achieve. Then leave it to seep into my subconscious. If I can master this technique, life can be so much more productive.

Then, at conscious level, forget trying to think my way forward. Simply try!

I thought about the Wright brothers, who, after two years of expensive experimenting, returned home totally demoralised, ready to give up on their fabulous dream. A friend of theirs suggested that they commit to explaining what they had achieved so far. This intervention, and their acceptance of the offer, made all the difference. They went on to be the founders of modern aviation. Amazingly, incredibly as I was preparing that story for my blog, I had a similar intervention. Out of the blue I got an offer to present my ideas in a public forum.

Finally, I thought about how powerful one person can be. By taking action. Doing what you can. This man has affected the lives of thousands, if not millions of people, by simply writing a letter.

Towards the end of my 10 hours in ED I was getting stressed out. I needed to get off the bed and back into my chair. But the time I spent reflecting on the first 10 days of my motivational makeover was great. I’m looking forward to the next 10.




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