Giant Series of Books – 3 books plus bonus book. “Hey! Whats the Big idea?”



Get Inspired. Get motivated. Get ahead.

Fundraiser for The VASS Food Forest project that Gerard instigated. Although Gerard is no longer here, the sale of his books will help make this project his living legacy. Thanks for your donation.

Gerard wrote:

I spent many, many hours in libraries reading biographies looking for people who had faced enormous challenges and found a way to be victorious over those challenges.

When writing these stories, I didn’t discriminate according to race, colour or gender. Wherever I found good story, I included them in my books.

In these books there is a story about a Native American Indian, one of an African American and quite a few stories about strong women.

There are also two stories in these books about explorers. Some people may find these offensive. It was certainly said not meant that way. I have included these stories because of the challenges he faced and how he overcame those challenges.

3 books plus the bonus Hey! what’s the big Idea- Valued at $ 75.00.

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