My date with destiny!

A few weeks ago it was International Women’s Day. To celebrate the day I saw it appropriate to host a story about an outstanding achieving woman. I had quite a few women I could have chosen for the post. For no particular reason I chose Coco Chanel.

The essence of the story was that when you leave home make sure you’re well-groomed because today might be your date with destiny. The post was called your date with destiny.

The post went up mid-morning. A few hours later the nurse/educator came to visit me. She had two undergraduate nurses thinking of doing their placement here at VASS.

I introduce myself and asked them their names. The first student said her name is Destiny!

Here it was, to my absolute amazement, was my date with destiny!

My three visitors must have thought I was having some sort of medical episode because my eyes went wide open and my mouth opened in shock. When I explained why I was so surprised at her name they shared my amazement.




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