He drives a car with his eyes

Dr Jordan Nguyen is a biomedical engineer. Riley Saban is a 13-year-old kid with cerebral palsy. Together they develop extraordinary, cutting edge technology that gives young Riley superhuman powers.

Riley uses his eyes to achieve incredible effects. I encourage you to watch these videos because they demonstrate the amazing pace at which technology is providing solutions for people who have very limited movement.

Of course I have a particular interest in this story myself because I use my own eyes to navigate around my computer.

More than this though, its a great story about the power of infectious enthusiasm. It’s up to you to judge who has most infectious enthusiasm!

You can watch the story about Riley on ABC iview. To do so, go to ABC iview, click on programs, go to Catalyst, click on Superhuman part 1

or simply click on the links below

Part 1: http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/catalyst/SC1502H015S00

Part 2: http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/catalyst/SC1502H016S00

Next time: The two words when I was in ICU that made all the difference.

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