Brain Waves

We live in amazing times. The Royal Melbourne Hospital is at the forefront of brainwave technology. This technology involves inserting a stent in a person’s jugular and that stent will migrate to the brain. Once there, the stent will open up and with training, can transmit thoughts into actions.

It’s quite feasible that a person like me could control his wheelchair with thought power! Or think it up like Knight Rider whistling up Kitt!!

In the last few weeks there has been another breathtaking development. He is the inventor and genius behind the Tesla car. He heads up Tesla Powerwall that’s leading the charge in how we will all soon access our household energy. His other company is SpaceX. NASA rents rockets from SpaceX to transfer supplies to its own space station. He is. . .

Elon Musk and he has just launched a new company “Neuralink”. The company’s mission is to implant computers in people’s brains! If you do a search under “brain implant Elon musk” you will find the media release about this awesome development.

In the meantime, Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, has also been busy. He has started a company aimed at revolutionising urban farming. Called Square Roots, these city base farms grow soil free crops under LED lights in shipping containers. Early indications are that these containers can produce more food than 2 acres of conventional gardening in soil, enabling city folks to grow their own food literally on their doorstep.

Again, to find out more information about this disruptive technology search “Kimbal Musk Square Roots” data.


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