A life or death choice


Imagine this. You wake up in a strange place. It looks like a hospital. It’s actually ICU in a hospital.

You are then told you have had a fall and you have broken your neck. You are paralysed from the neck down. Your condition is permanent. Your life has changed forever.

You are also told that, given the extent of your injuries, you can simply ask to have your life support turned off and escape the Everest type challenges that lay ahead.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is some weird nightmare. But that was not my reaction.

Instead, I clearly remember having a fierce determination to not only accept what had happened but to master the challenges that lay ahead.

Instead of surrendering and allowing my life support to be turned off, I made it quite clear I had no intention of just giving up and dying.

Over the last 5½ years, I have faced a series of traumatic medical conditions including pneumonia, a duodenal ulcer (where I was spewing up blood) and a mysterious ailment where I was apparently losing a litre of blood every few days.

I’ve had so many trips to the Emergency Department at the Austin Hospital that I am a familiar face to many of the staff there. I have been rushed there because of extremely high blood pressure which can result in a stroke, for extremely low blood pressure where I have lost consciousness, for a suspected stroke,  suspected bladder infections and a variety of other issues.

Despite all this I have maintained a positive, optimistic attitude with plans for an amazing Food Forest.

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